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Anna Movie Review

The Filmmaker has failed to replicate the real Anna on the silver screen and so is message to some extent

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One of the movies releasing this Friday is a biographical movie called Anna. It is written and directed by Shahshank Udapurkar. The film is based on the life of Anna Hazare who is the known social activist and corruption crusader in India. The film has a number of actors like Tanishaa Mukerji, Sharat Saxena, Govind Namdev and Daya Shankar Pandey in the lead and supporting role. The film is produced by Manindra Jain and others under the banner of Sony Entertainment Pictures, while the music of the film is given by Ravindra Jain. Time to have a look at the film and get the gist of the same as under:


As said the movie is based on the life of an Indian social activist – Kisan Baburao popularly known as “Anna” Hazare. The filmmaker has portrayed the various stages of his life and the way he leaving all his worldly pursuits behind to tread the path of struggle and angst to make this country free from corruption. The man is still alive and still active in his crusade against corruption inspiring million to follow his path and save the country from the corrupt politicians. His struggle is still on and the film based on his life is simply meant to propagate his ideas to the world and keep alive his struggle in order to give it force to change the world.

Technically one may find the film to be far away from star value, glittering things to make the film a success at the box office, not that par acting performances and a number of other things which one may find other films but in terms of social message and propagation of ideas to make a corruption free country can be visible the best in this movie. The man depicting the role of Anna may not resemble to the great social leader but has tried to replicate his lifestyle on the silver screen to allow his message to flow high over the media all across the country. Ironically, in this material world when youngsters are keen to aspire for worldly gains one may not find the response at the multiplex to be high. However, in single screens that are based in the areas that have the presence of Anna in the fields and interiors one may find the chances of getting a smarter response. The film has shown the life of Anna in bits and pieces hence any raw person who comes to catch the film about this social leader may fail to get the crux of the film.

Now talking about performances, let’s talk about Shashank Udapurkar who played the character of Anna Hazare. First and foremost, he doesn’t really look like the social activist though his attempt to copy Anna can be applauded to some extent. His preparation to play the role can resemble to some extent for the reason that Anna is not a celebrity but a social activist whose ideas are more popular than his body language and other fine details which media covers about other celebs. Hence comparing the two would be futile business. Also, it would be difficult to judge on the benchmark of the ways and life of Anna which is found in the real life for the actor in the reel world. Talking about the other actors, they were par in terms of experience and performance yet things didn’t work in a way in which it could appear to be a justified output.

Regarding direction and filmmaking the man himself in the role of Anna is on the chair of director. He has tried to replicate the life of Anna but in many ways lags behind in terms of other things. Yet his efforts should be applauded. The music is usual unlike seen in any biographical movie especially made on social leaders and visionary people like Anna. The other elements like screenplay, editing and photography appear to be okay, which somehow managed to elate the entertainment film, however, mind it, Anna is no way an entertainment piece, hence it is less likely to draw crowd and increase the occupancy.

Anna The Last Word

The film though claims to portray the life and struggle of Anna yet the director has failed to give the gist of the leader, which governs his ideas and message he wants to give the world. There is much difference between the real and the reel Anna, which the filmmaker has failed to understand. This somehow gives a picture that the film is made without much preparation and just being made simply for the heck of making a biopic. May be the love and excitement to place Anna over the silver screen was much higher than the technicalities needed to make a biopic movie in a social activist like him.

Rating – 2.5

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