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Ankita Lokhande Faces Intense Backlash for Labeling Bigg Boss a Biased Game, Netizens React to Her Opinion on Followers’ Influence and Munawar’s Victory

There are two distinct types of individuals: those who gracefully accept defeat in a game and move forward, and those who find it challenging to move past their loss. It appears that Ankita Lokhande, a finalist in Bigg Boss 17, falls into the latter category, displaying behavior that reflects a lack of sportsmanship since her eviction from the reality show.

Ankita secured the fourth position in the competition, with her rival Mannara Chopra clinching a spot in the top 3, ultimately won by Munawar Faruqui. However, Ankita’s bitterness towards those who outperformed her in the game has been conspicuously evident in her conduct.

Following her eviction, she appeared to avoid the media and refrained from engaging with anyone, despite others interacting with the media. Ankita’s demeanor during her exit was noticeably subdued, prompting questions about her behavior. Subsequently, her recent statement criticizing the concept of Bigg Boss, without verifying the facts, has attracted extensive trolling.

In an interview with Instant Bollywood, Ankita expressed her opinion on the reality show format, suggesting that Bigg Boss has transformed into a popularity contest, where the number of followers holds significance. She remarked, “It seems now that the show is solely based on followers, so everyone should have an equal number of followers. If one has fewer and the other has more followers, then no one will play the game because the one with more followers will feel they are not even in the competition. I also feel that it is more of a popularity show, rather than a personality show.”

It is evident that Ankita’s comments were directed at Munawar Faruqui’s triumph on the show, given his substantial Instagram following of 12.8 million. In comparison, the other two finalists, Abhishek Kumar and Mannara Chopra, have smaller Instagram followings than Ankita, with Mannara boasting 3.1 million followers and Abhishek 4 million, while Ankita commands a following of 5.1 million.

Ankita’s resentful stance has sparked a backlash from netizens, who have countered her remarks with facts and critical observations. Some have advised her to move on and accept the outcome, emphasizing that the world does not revolve around her. Others have highlighted the reality of her popularity in comparison to other contestants, reminding her that her defeat was due to her personality rather than her celebrity status.

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