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Anita is the strongest Bhabhiji on Indian TV ever seen: Saumya Tandon

Soumya Tandon
Soumya Tandon

1) How is to play the role in Bhabhiji …

It was a very difficult decision to do a daily fiction show on TV. For the last 7 years I was just hosting on TV. I have hosted around 12 shows , from all genres nothing new was getting made. TV is a difficult medium when you want to find quality work. I don’t relate to 90 per cent of stuff on Indian TV. So yes playing ‘Bhabhi Ji.. ‘came with a lot of confusion. But I am glad I took the decision.

2) What made you choose the character?
The thing which prompted me to do the show was the fact that it was comedy, and not a regressive drama soap. Anita’s character is that of a strong independent apologetically romantic wife who calls the shots at home. That’s what made the choice easy, apart from the fact that it’s a great team -the writer, director and my co actors. The characterization is clear, Anita is the boldest and strongest and funniest Bhabhi that Indian TV has seen. She is unique there have been many dominating wives on TV before but none like Anita. She has her whims and fancies, she is quirky, she pulls her husband and drops teasing lines, she insists on role playing, she is today’s woman and yet so soft and feminine.

3) Your role in the film ‘Jab We Met’ was very different from the one currently? Were you afraid of the image In the minds of the viewers?
I want to do all kinds of characters,  romantic, strong, angry, funny all kinds. That’s the fun in being an actor you get to experience and live like so many different personalities. I would hate to be remembered just as one character.

4) What’s your next step?
No one can plan so much in advance. I know I am here to stay, because I am an actor and I don’t run after fame, and I don’t need to be seen excessively on TV or films , I just want to do good projects. And so I know I am here to stay, and there is lot more exciting stuff to come from me.

5) Would we look towards seeing you in films as an actress?

I hope wherever I am seen, I am seen doing a great project and doing a kick ass role.

6) Which is your dream role?
So many…
“Hazaaron khwahishe aisi Ji har khwaihish pe dum nikle, bahut nikle mere armaan lekin phir Bhi Kam nikle.”

7) Did you have tiffs with Shilpa Shinde?
No I am too mature and level headed. I make a conscious effort to keep my work environment congenial because I know my performance will suffer if I am disturbed. I tried hard to have no tiffs with her and I am glad I succeeded.

8) Who according to you was better Shilpa or Shubhangi?
That’s for audience to decide, who am I to pass a judgement.

9) Do you think you would have done that role better or your character is the best?
Every single character in Bhabhiji is superb, it’s not one person’s show. This show is a platter, the show comes in a package. One character is incomplete without the other.

10) You had earlier hosted a show with SRK, how was your experience?
SRK has a superb personality a great sense of humour and is very intelligent and to top it all he is extremely hard working. Lots to learn. He used to call me khabreena on the show.  He was extremely courteous and chivalrous.

11) You have received many awards, do you think awards matter?
The best and the most honest award is from the audience honestly all others awards are ok.

12) You did modeling to, which is better acting or modeling?
I primarily anchored and acted, though I did started with modelling. I enjoy anchoring and acting both.

13) You hail from Bhopal, did the city give you a culture shock initially?
I was in Ujjain during my school time, it is a religious city. Since I come from a very academic family . My father was a rationalist and modern. I found it difficult to adjust in Ujjain and was always writhing to get out. So Mumbai was more comfortable for me , since I was a career oriented girl with ambition in heart.

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