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Angry Indian Goddesses Movie Review

Angry Indian Goddesses Movie review

Superb Script about Woman from a Man Giving a Decent Women Centric Film to the Audience

This Friday, you have two movies releasing, which certainly including Angry Indian Goddesses. This drama film is directed by Pan Nalin having Sandhya Mridul, Sarah-Jane Dias, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Amrit Maghera, Anushka Manchanda, Pavleen Gujral and Rajshri Deshpande in the lead roles along with Adil Hussain. The film has the privilege of being in the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival, which was voted at the top in People’s Choice Award. The film is tagged with India’s first all out female buddy, which makes Pan Nalin’s debut in mainstream Hindi films. The movie though was released worldwide last month, however, it had a week ahead release in India. So, far the reviews from the audience worldwide have been coming positive. Now, let’s dig in deep to get the crux of the film as under:


Freida played by Sarah Jane Dias who is a photographer seen inviting all her group of friends to Goa at her family residence. They get a surprise from her when she discloses that she is getting married. There are seven different ladies in the group with different careers and walks of life. This announcement witnesses cascading reactions among the life of the bunch of her friends, who all unleashes their hidden secrets. Amidst all humour, fun and frolic sequences, there lies deep and sour reality for the people watching the film. The good thing about the film is that it has sheer poignancy that brings in cathartic experience. You can find this film pouring itself over every single girl or woman’s soul and it showcases their innermost desires. Now, talking about the bad of the film, you will find it to be a drama quotient towards the end. The director has taken much of cinematic liberties while making this film.

Script Analysis

One of the interesting aspects of this film is that it is written by a man – Pan Nalin who has captured the spirit of womanhood from its nerve. How much right has he able to extract is a matter of debate. Well, you can find raw emotions of gloom and angst and the need to break away from the shackles are weaved out very nicely over the plot that simply remains real till most of the film is seen in the run time. It can be called as a detailing of the characters, which are seen working in the favour of the script as you can find every character in the film alive and active and thus have the sense of authenticity.

For the women watching this movie, it can be a treat to see similar sort of women shedding their inhibitions over a friendly banter. The script has some of the best sequences and hilarious moments which are rare to catch in any film, which include whistling to a young man who is washing his car, etc. However, the downside of the film is only in its third act wherein you can find it taking a quite cinematic turn moving high over the clichés. Well don’t expect much from the climax, you may not be able to get much from it.

Star Performances

The casting can be called as a bang thing for the film. Sarah Jane Dias is able to deliver the best performance while playing the character of Freida. She has proved that she has learnt a lot and showcased herself on the silver screen much better than she did in her Kya Supercool Hai Hum movies. The other one called Amrit Maghera embarks as a surprise package in this film; you can find her giving calm yet a nice performance all together. She was not only seen gorgeous in her film but also seen very much realistic in many of her scenes. Pavleen Gujral as a Delhi based house wife is simply stunning in her role giving her best to get recognition in commercial cinema. All in all, everyone including Sandhya Mridul, Rajshri Deshpande, Anushka Manchanda, Tannishta Chatterjee, everyone seemed perfect in the film. Lastly Adil Hussain seen in a few scenes was also good in his performance.

Direction, Editing and Screenplay

Goa is a very cool place and many filmmakers are able to capture this place with their lens, however, Nalin has done this job exceptionally than the others. Here you get to see a number of new sides of this city, which other films have failed to give. You can find a diverse kind of locations found in Goa, which include the middle class homes having soiled walls without paints, the abandoned fields away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Thanks to the dexterous direction, editing and screenplay along with other technical stuff, the film is good in terms of technicalities and other elements making it a worthy catch.

Angry Indian Goddesses – The Last word

The film – Angry Indian Goddesses is able to unveil an interesting aspect of women by a man as a writer. All in all it can be called as a rich content based film with fantastic script. You may find women of such characters in real life however, to pose them the same and exact over the silver screen is an art and demands loads of creativity. Thanks to directors like Pan Nalin who has left no stone unturned to give nothing but the best compelling the reviewers to give a better rating at least with the other released film Hate Story 3.

Rating – 4.0

Manoj L


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