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Ang-Tatva is a 2 year old Natural and Handmade Beauty Products Brand which was started by a young mom who manages everything, from home to her little twins. Now she is a leading business woman who owns her self-established business.

After years of providing friends and family with homemade natural skin care products, Misha (the founder of Ang-Tatva) yearned to do something bigger for the people outside her circle. As a child, spending hours with her grandmother and only reaching out to the products available in the kitchen for every hair and skin issues made Misha come up with her own recipes at a very young age. After seeing all the products that were available off the counter and the number of non-natural ingredients that were going into these products, she realised how important it was to bring her recipes to the people around her. This led to the inception of Ang-Tatva.

Ang-Tatva uses the goodness of age old miraculous herbs infused with Ayurveda to bring out the most natural products. Ayurveda is known to have potent medicinal and beautifying properties across vast variety of ingredients that have long lasting effect on the skin. Ang-Tatva strives to use the best combinations of these ingredients and create products that are effective and gentle on the skin and hair.

All the ingredients are either sourced directly from organic farmers or home grown at Ang-Tatva facility itself.
All of the products are repeatedly tested till the final version makes its way to the end consumer. As a part of creating awareness about what the most basic ingredients can do to the skin and hair, they provide a complete list of what goes into each product. This also helps the consumer in making an informed decision. In addition to nearly 100 products, they respect the fact that each one of us is different and requires a different regime for themselves. For this, Ang-Tatva also offers customised products wherein they curate a product exclusively for your skin/ hair type which works wonders for the Consumers.

Some of their best selling products are:
•Coffee Bean Scrub
•Black Magic Oil
•Growth Therapy Oil
•Coffee Bean Soap
•Kesar Badam Soap
• Charcoal Soap
•Cinnamon Oats Scrub Soap
• Kukumadi Thailam

Nowadays, Coffee Bean Scrub is very famous and most demanding product of Ang-Tatva as u can see in above picture.

It is made up of freshly grounded coffee bean powder that naturally makes it smell of coffee.
It’s a product made with all natural ingredients and helps in
• Removing dead skin
• Evens out and leaves skin smooth
• Improves blood circulation
• Fights cellulite
• Improves skin texture

This scrub is to be used once a week on face as well as body.
For placing order u can visit our website :
Or visit our Instagram profile @angtatva
Or u can mail us on

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