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Ananya Pandey’s cousin shared bikini photo, woman made dirty comments, Alana shared pain

Alana Pandey

Bollywood actress Ananya Panday’s cousin sister Alana Panday remains the talk of the town these days. She often dominates social media with her bold pictures. People have both good and bad comments on their pictures. Recently, a female user made a dirty comment on her picture, after which she has trolled trolls expressing her pain.

Actually, Alana Pandey shared some of her hot photos on Instagram in Alanna Panday Bikini photos. She received a gang rape threat on this post. Surprisingly, it was a woman who threatened her. Sharing her post, she wrote – ‘On my post a woman commented that I should be gang raped, because I shared the picture in bikini. The woman also tagged Alana’s parents in the comment. So that they too can see it.


Alana further wrote, I wish I had taken a screenshot but I was nervous after seeing that comment. I blocked that woman and later Instagram also deleted that comment. Alana told in the post that the woman threatening the rape, was married. Alana further wrote that ‘When I went to her profile to block the woman, I saw that she was a married woman and she also had a daughter. She is also younger than me. I don’t understand how you can think of someone else’s child like that. ‘

More than a month has passed since this incident. Alana wrote in the caption of the post that I wish she had talked about it earlier. Alana said that such comments come to her daily. Reading such things has become a part of her life every morning. Alana said that such people are only 1 percent.

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