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Ananya Panday: I believe ignorance is bliss, I don’t react

Ananya Pandey
Ananya Panday says – “I think I was exposed to social media at a very very young age. So, a lot of my pictures were coming out and I saw a lot of hate at a very young age. There wasn’t one definite moment, I think it was just over the time seeing a lot of this hate and toxicity and negativity around that made me realise. Whenever I would get trolled, I think my parents would get way more affected than I did.”

Ananya Panday adds – “I believe in ignorance is bliss and I also believe in giving love back to the haters because I feel like they are the ones who need it the most. They are probably coming from a place of insecurity or something is lacking in their lives and that’s why they are taking it out on you.”

Actor Ananya Panday who made her Bollywood debut with Karan Johar’s Student Of The Year 2 is one internet sensation. However, being a star kid, she was no different to face the nepotism blow, online hatred and trolls. Just like other star kids, Ananya too was at the receiving end of criticism but did you know, she did not experience this kind of hatred after she made her Bollywood debut but in fact, at a very young age.

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