An Inevitable wave of Music, Direction & Production!!! Akash Sharma’s Akke Record’s just cannot be Missed!!

This Young director is creating a buzz in Bollywood. With his fresh take on films, music and production. He’s not just another name in bandwagon, But his work is noteworthy. Akke is making his way to the top, all geared up to redefine the mainstream art of production in Bollywood. His latest venture being the music label ‘Akki Record’s’ is already being talked about in every B-Town Soirée.

“Akke Records is more than just a label. It will be my take on unexplored realms of music and film direction, experimenting with new themes and subjects.

He appeals to the Youth. And as his art is for the young hearts, Akash thrives to keep his creations as unique and classy as ever.
No wonder, the man is on a spree to create new benchmarks in Bollywood, and all so under his brand new Label ‘Akke Record’s’. While he plans on collaborating with new and undiscovered talents.

“Akke Record’s will give opportunities to new artists. Be it directors, writers, actors. Every talent deserves a chance. So I will try to do my best to bring out the best for my audience.”

Let us tell you, that his recent stint for the Royal Challenge Whisky featuring the popular Mahira Sharma & Paras Chhabra has not just gone viral on the internet but has been well received by the viewers all around.

After multiple successful projects, the world has it, that Akash Sharma is currently hunting for a lavish piece of real estate in Dubai. Apart from which, he is constantly working on multiple projects off lately.

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