An exclusive and fun chat with Pooja aka Anamika Shukla and Muktaram aka Paritosh Tripathi for their recent release Mukesh Jasoos

Cine Talkers recently got a chance to chat with two of the most interesting characters Paritosh (Muktaram) and Anamika (Pooja)  from the recent release Mukesh Jasoos. Both of them revealed how they ended up being a part of the show, how it was on sets while shooting and much more. Keep reading to know every detail.

What was your reaction when you read the script and your character?

The first thing that came to my mind is isne likha hai ye, because Heena is from Bombay and she wrote both characters like two Bihari characters and apart from that too so many interesting characters so I thought this is so well researched so it will be directed amazingly too, so that’s what came to my mind first that who wrote this. Heena and so many writers designed this and this was the first time I was working with the female director and Mukesh Chhabra casting company

How was your first training experience with each other?

Anamika: When I first reached for the reading, these people were already preparing for their characters, they were ready with their scripts and everything. Then Heena was like let’s do one thing with you both. It just happened like that.

Mukesh Jasoos is a comedy web show, but how was it behind the camera, was it serious or fun?

Paritosh: We got really less timing to shoot so it was so hectic to manage everything. And with corona, it became more difficult. Plus the locations were in really small lanes so the changing of the outfits, meeting everyone was difficult. We wore 2-3 pants in the whole series. There wasn’t any tantrum that anyone showed, everyone was okay with every adjustment. Breaks were less for like 15 mins or so and we used to discuss scenes in them while we were eating. Everyone used to eat together. It was just like the old times that we used to hear that everyone used to sit around, work together, eat together, we lived all those moments. And because of all these things our on-screen chemistry looks good in the show because chemistry is something which is only made off-screen, on-screen only shows effects of that.

Anamika: Nobody used to sit in the vanity. Everybody used to sit outside and together.

The chemistry between you and Rahul on screen is amazing, is it because you guys are friends off-screen?

Paritosh: I and Rahul did a lot of ads and everything together. They say that the chemistry between two male actors of the same age is not possible, I would tell them to watch Mukesh Jasoos you will see it. In real life, we call each other brothers.

How was it working with the veteran actress Poonam Dhillon?

Anamika: My scenes with her weren’t much. There was only this one scene of felicitation, even in that we just crossed each other so we didn’t really interact much. But my father always used to ask if I got a chance to speak to Poonamji, he is very fond of her.

Paritosh: I had a lot of fun working with her. Who wouldn’t like working with his father’s crush? She is very sound with her work. With the camera, lights she is super good. I saw her in this character for the first time and it was fun working around her.

*Paritosh, you have worked in Ludo, which is a film and then a web show, Mukesh Jasoos, how is it different in both worlds?

During ludo, I was in awe all the time. It was like I was playing Gully cricket and suddenly became part of an international and people are praising you for your work too. So that whole year went in awe, even now I feel like someone else went and acted in the film.

How was the preparation for Muktaram like, how did you get into the skin of your character?

With Muktaram, I took care of every detail, of what he is wearing, how he walks, how he will talk, everything. There is no scene in the show which I feel that another take would make it better.

They say it is easy to make people cry but it is so difficult to make them laugh, but looking at your character, it looks as if this is super easy for you, how do you manage to do this?

Paritosh: The way it looks, so subtle, so realistic, on-screen, but behind the camera it is difficult. There are so many things, even if you’re shooting with only one person, there are more than 100 people on sets. Maybe someone has irritated you before your shot or maybe you had a bad day that day even after that you are giving this performance and people are liking it then you feel that you have done something

Anamika, Paakhi, Simmba and now Mukesh Jasoos, tell us about your journey?

Anamika: With Paakhi, I was assisting the director throughout the writing period but then don’t know what happened. I was asked to come to the café where he revealed that I will be playing the role of Paakhi.

Simmba was a fairyland for me. I would say it was a dream. I just saw an ad on Facebook about the requirement and I just sent my profile and thought let’s see what happens and then I got a call that you are finalized. I was shocked that without an audition, they called me for a look test. Even when I got the address and I saw Rohit Shetty’s name on it, I was like a fraud hoga. Then I thought we would meet a lot of people so let’s go and see how it is. But when I reached there and I saw Rohit Shetty’s pictures I was shocked that this is all true.

With Mukesh Jasoos, every character has a motive, everything is so perfectly written. After doing this show I was relieved that I did something good. Working in this show was like feeding the soul for me.

What is your thought on the concept of every episode of 10-12 minutes?

Paritosh: This is a new experience, once people get used to it, this will be more fun.

Anamika: Unlike other web series, you don’t have to sit for two days straight to finish it, it’s less time-consuming and fun.

As we all are in the middle of a pandemic, do you guys want to give any message to our audience?

Covid is dangerous, so we would suggest to please stay home, stay safe. Also, please do not believe everything you read on WhatsApp, get the correct news and stay alert.

Stay tuned to Cine Talkers for more exciting content like this.

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