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Amyra Dastur says i have been struggling for so long

Amyra Dastur
Amyra Dastur shares – “I’m grateful that during the pandemic, I’ve got some great work and brands, and for me, the ball was always rolling. Thankfully even despite the situation, none of my projects got stalled. I have friends whose films got shelved but mine continued and I’m just thankful for that.”

Amyra Dastur gushes – “Isn’t it just great that I have projects coming out, finally! I’ve been struggling for so long and this is the busiest point in my career. I feel 2021 is going to be my year. It’s amazing to even say that. I don’t care that I only get to sleep for five or six hours in a day. I’m just happy that I’m busy.”

There are indeed a lot of firsts for her and she sounds excited talking about them. She tells – “People want to work with me. For the first time in my career I’ve been turning down roles and parts because I don’t have dates. I’m sorry for the roles that I’ve turned down, but it’s amazing.”

Amyra was last seen on the big screen in Made in China (2019), the challenge now is to keep the momentum going, and she feels she’s on the right path after making a few tweaks to the way she approaches work.

Amyra Dastur shares – “I started very young and I also made the right contacts when it comes to casting directors and agencies. People have started approaching me directly. It’s insane how everything is coming to me and not via someone. That has made a lot of difference to my career as well. I think a lot of things kind of got lost in translation and was not communicated.”

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