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Amit M’s Aadat, A Song on Mobile Addiction becomes the latest earworm!

Amit M’s Aadat
While youth is grooving to the latest party tracks and love songs, here’s the latest song Aadat by a new singer Amit M breaks through. The song is not romantic, neither talks about cars, alocohol or hot girls. It serves an important topic in the plate which is the ‘Mobile Addiction’. Yes, the song is based on mobile/social media addiction which is the current threat to the youth.
Aadat, was launched on 24th July where it sparkled good organic base and just in 15 days it crossed a million views organically. It went viral among TikTokers as well who shared their version of the song in the form of a contest. The song even trended on Twitter after it crossed a million views.
To give you a gist about Amit M, he is a trained musician, singer & a song writer. Having 8 years of vast experience, Amit has his own studio in Bangalore called Musiganza. He is trained in classical & western classical music. He has been trained at Shankar Mahadevan academy of music.
Talking about the song, Amit says, “This song conveys a strong message to the youth. Today’s generation is completely addicted to their mobile phone right from looking at the watch to meeting friends & families, etc online. It has become so addictive that you can’t go to the toilet without it. This song is all about how you can break this addiction and appreciate things around you.”
Honestly, we have seen so many songs in the same lines but what Amit M has done is something to admire. He is soon going to launch his another track which is also going to be ‘A Song for a Reason’. So, let’s just wait for it.
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