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Amid IT Raids, Sonu Sood aims to build a hospital in Hyderabad, says, ‘My Dreams Are Big And I Am On A Mission’

Sonu Sood, the Bollywood actor, has been in the limelight since the IT department raided his home and office. The actor has been charged with Rs. 20 crore in tax evasion and accepting funds from foreign countries. In an interview with the Bombay Times, the actor indicated that his ambitions are lofty and that he is on a mission. During his chat, he also emphasised how any charity assisting those in need must use the funds within a year. However, if the funds are not used this year, they can be used next year.

He told Bombay Times, “Any foundation that receives funds has a time limit of one year to use the funds. If the funds don’t get utilised, you can extend it to another year. These are the rules. I listed this foundation only a few months ago, close to the second wave of COVID. Otherwise, during the first wave, when I started helping the migrants, I had people stepping forward who offered to book buses for the migrants. We weren’t collecting money then.”

He says that despite the fact that he only started his foundation a few months ago, he still has 7 months to use the cash according to the guidelines. Sonu said, “I started collecting funds (for my foundation) only in the last four-five months. As per rules, I have over seven months more to use these funds. I am not going to waste people’s hard-earned money, and my hard-earned money.”

He also contributed the money he received as a result of his brand endorsement to the people.

“I am saying the latter because 25 per cent, to at times 100 per cent of the remuneration I have charged for brand endorsements directly went to my foundation. I did endorsements free of cost if the brands donated money. So, the funds in the foundation are also my personal funds, which I donated,” says the actor.

The actor, who aims to open a hospital in Hyderabad, says that regardless of whether he is present or not, people would be able to receive free care at this humanitarian hospital in the next 50 years. He says, “My dreams are big and I am on a mission.”

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