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Amar Syal to Launch Digital Agency Called Pryme

Amar Syal

With his experience in the music industry, Amar Syal plans to launch a digital agency record label to help promote new artists and talent. The label will be based in Hollywood, California but will cater to an audience worldwide — specifically in the US, UK, Canadian, and Indian markets.

One approach to growing the label quickly, Amar stated “We plan to tap into a vastly growing South Asian market as streaming numbers continue to raise with the expansion of high-speed internet access both on mobile and handheld devices.”

Pryme will focus on internet based releases as online streaming has become the music industry’s largest growth driver. Pryme can now reach people that were not accessible through grass roots marketing. With its partnership with Create Music Group, California’s fastest growing start-up – Pryme will release multiple projects this year from upcoming artists such as Seven, Shraban, and Happy Singh.

Within the next 3 years, Pryme will focus on partnering with new artists, entertainers, companies, and sponsors to develop a digital media hub for all entertainment needs. In addition to marketing, Pryme will focus on securing real estate investments to build recording studios, event locations, and more.

Their goal is to expand beyond music to develop core audiences in various industries. Amar states that Pryme will continue to push boundaries for emerging artists and retain the benefits of independent releases. “The plan is not to sign multiyear contracts, but to release per project basis. In this volatile market for new talent, an artist’s trust needs to be gained – and hopefully that trust will lead to many years of continued growth together.”



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