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Aman Parashar Did Something Rocking To Watch Yash’s KGF-2

Aman Parashar did the same on the occasion of Rocky Bhai, AKA Yash’s KGF Chapter 2 release. He has taken social media by storm due to his love for Kannada superstar Yash’s character Rocky Bhai from the highly adored KGF franchise.

A Serial Entrepreneur cum Investor and Digital Marketer, Aman gained national attention after booking all tickets for one show of Yash’s upcoming film at INOX, which hit the theatres across India and worldwide on April 14.

A massive fan of Yash and KGF movie, Aman Parashar said he had been waiting for a long time to watch the sequel of the KGF movie and that too in Rocky’s Style. Hence, he decided to book all tickets for one show.

“I respect you (Yash) for your dedication and self-confidence!” Thank you for being an inspiration to me daily! “Wishing you the best of success with the release of KGF Chapter 2,” he said in an Instagram post.

One of Aman’s friends made a vlog on this occasion and uploaded that on YouTube. Watch Here –

KGF Chapter 2 took more than two years to release in theatres due to the pandemic. The film, which was first scheduled to release on July 16, 2021, was delayed due to unforeseen situations. It finally hit theatres on April 14, 2022. The fans applauded the film for its grand sets and locations and the over-the-top action sequences. Yash’s performance as Rocky also won hearts.

Few movies genuinely capture the roller-coaster ride of life, and KGF does just that. Aman Parashar, an entrepreneur, and digital marketer has identified some key themes in KGF that have inspired him to pursue his dreams with more enthusiasm and determination.

“It’s not just an action-packed movie,” he says. “The movie takes you through the hard realities of life and how one has to progress in life striding through the difficulties.”

Parashar identifies several traits displayed by Yash’s character that is particularly applicable to entrepreneurs: self-confidence, a winner’s attitude, and fearlessness in accomplishing goals.

Aman Parashar aka hedonistmarketer on Instagram is an enthusiast and a visionary who has assisted various businesses in the e-commerce industry in optimizing their performance. With his experience, he has been able to help entrepreneurs generate consistent 6 to 8-figure income in a short period.

Before venturing into e-commerce, Aman worked as an affiliate marketer, where he was able to earn six figures in sales. He has since converted that success into an e-commerce business and established multiple online companies.

Aman Parashar is on a mission to assist other entrepreneurs and businesses with similar goals of successfully navigating through the complexities of digital marketing and gaining access to millions of potential customers without spending a fortune on advertising.

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