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I always believed in my talent of connecting with and entertaining people, tell Shiraz Khan


The aspirant actor, anchor and VJ SHIRAZ KHAN who has been very keen to set a mark in the fashion industry is already enjoying the tellydom fan base. He has anchored for a numerous number of prestigious Ramp Shows, Corporate Events, Road Shows, Mall Activities etc. The actor is now part of BCL, talks and share about his ways to the industry and much more.

On been asked about how he aimed to be an actor, Shiraz said, “As a teenager, I always believed in my talent of connecting with and entertaining people. Tremendous appreciation of my work on a small scale, led me to the entertainment industry where I thought I can take my talent on a bigger level and achieve success, fame and earn good for my living. With lots of hard work and compassion I look forward to find my ways into acting.

He also continues, sharing his experience, “The industry has taught me to be calm, patient. For me optimism is the key, and I see positivity even in a low and crunch situation. As the beautiful flower comes with a thorn, there are a lot of ups and downs in everyone’s day to day life. But the one who will sail through all the problems and create a win-win situation will emerge victorious. So I believe in staying confident and optimistic.”

Later talking about his struggIing time he shares, ” I would spend many hours travelling around the city with my portfolio to attend meeting and castings. There were many years where I worked every single day, sometimes for 16 hours straight. I took taxis and visited agencies to personally hand over my portfolio. Mumbai is a very hard and lonely city for any outsider.”

Whats keeping the actor busy these days, he adds, “I’m thoroughly enjoying my time with BCL. It’s a great platform which brings the whole industry together irrespective of their work rivalries and differences. It brings lots of peace and harmony and feeling of oneness.” When we asked about which being a better group to air BCL matches, he concludes, “Both Colors and Sony TV are superb platforms in their own perspectives and I believe both have their own charms which is great for a show like BCL.”

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