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All the fun Bharti Singh did with Anoop Jalota in Bigg Boss 12

As you catch the latest edition of season 12 of Bigg Boss, you would feel the fun and drama in it. There had been loads of fun and entertainment and people are simply rejoicing the presence and the reunion of Anup Jalota and Jasleen Matharu. From the fights to the cool and luxury budget, the current season of the show has been a roller coaster ride asking many fans to enjoy the show. With the recent Weekend Ka Vaar as hosted by the superstar Salman Khan, we had many things that were seen in the show, let’s check what really happened in the show when Bharti Singh also was there doing all the humor with Anup Jaloota.

As the episode started, we saw Bharti Singh coming inside the house and started speaking to the contestants in her own style. She did the same humorous show and entertained everyone pulling their legs. She then started pulling the leg of the former Bhajan singer called Anup Jalota and asked to sing something for the audience. She then said that her friend Neha Pendse can ask the people to fall on their knees with her. After some hot performance of Jasleen, the lady then started making fun with Jalota and other participants.


She then started performing that made the contestants to hoot for her especially for the show – Cheez Badi Hai Mast and it was non-stop cheer for the lady with loads of fun. She left no stone unturned to keep the contestants happy and keep them entertained. Bharti Singh then was seen leaving the house. And then the usual thing started as Salman Khan took the rein in his hand of the show and started giving them a number of tasks and calling them with their different names or so.

Wrapping up

After the contemplation we saw Anup Jalota getting evicted with Jasleen and are now seen returning back to her in the house. He then entered the secret room from where he can easily catch everyone inside the house. On the other side, we saw Jasleen missing Anjup Jalota a lot while coming close to the camera and speaking about it.

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