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All In A New York Minute – Celebrity And Cabbie Share An Interesting Interaction

Anupam Kher
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Anupam Kher is one Bollywood star who is enjoying the best of both worlds, just like Hannah Montana. Ever since he headed to the US for a television show, his life completely transformed. The actor, who continues to be one of the biggest names in the Indian film industry, has been spending a lot of his time abroad due to work commitments and has been sharing some exciting updates about his life on social media. And we are loving his social media updates. He’s keeping up with the times and we can’t ask for anything more.

He often shares photos and videos from his time in New York City. He recently shared an interesting encounter with an Indian cab driver who failed to recognize him. Conversing with the cabbie in Hindi, Anupam shared his amusement when the man was left star-struck on finally recognizing him. This sweet chat that followed was shared on the actor’s Instagram handle for all to see. And the reactions from all over the world are equally adorable.


Insta - Anupam Kher
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Anupam shared the video with the caption that read, “Encounters in NY: #JugalKishore ji from Panjab, a yellow cab driver in NY for 30 years. (He) didn’t talk to me throughout my ride with him. He didn’t recognise me. Later he gave me the most flattering and the funniest reason for it. He kept hugging me. We were both happy. And as always no fare was charged. #IndiansInNY #Generosity #LifeLessons”

While the cabbie got his dream interaction with one of his favourite Bollywood stars, Anupam, on the other hand, got a ride that was obviously and as always free. This just goes to show that the love for Bollywood and actors showers in from all over the world. It’s just time for writers and producers to decide how to appeal to the audience that is giving them all their attention.

Simran Malhotra
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