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Alia’s close friend cut her hair in lockdown, fans asked on internet whether Ranbir is there?

Alia Bhatt

All the people are living in the home due to the lockdown across the country. Celebs are also imprisoned in their respective homes. During this time, many celebrities have been seen getting hair cut from their partners at home. Now actress Alia Bhatt has also given information that she has got haircuts at home but from whom she has cut it, she has not disclosed it. Yes, Alia Bhatt has got her hair cut at home and she has also given information about it herself.

Alia shared a photo of her on Instagram. In this, she is seen taking a selfie in the gym. Alia’s hair looks a little shorter than before. She wrote in the caption sharing the photo, ‘After 60 days, strong, fit, very good in skips, very good in push ups, obsessed with running, super obsessed with eating right and looking forward to the next challenge.

Next Alia wrote that yes I have got my hair cut at home. Thanks to the talented person who was with me at the time of need. Seeing the haircut of the actress, users are connecting with Ranbir Kapoor and commenting that Ranbir Kapoor has cut her hair. One user wrote, ‘Ranbir Saheb has become a barber today?’

Now Alia has not made it clear who did her haircut, but her fans are definitely mentioning the name of Ranbir Kapoor.

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