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Have Alia & Sid Broken Up For Real This Time?

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We have heard a lot about Alia and Sidharth breaking up too often in the media but this time it seems to be permanent. Though the two have never accepted about their relationship but the matter of fact that they are more than friends which have been proved time and again. The fact of the matter is it has happened a number of times that they have called off their relationship but soon were spotted at their homes or at places together gearing up the gossip of their relationship a lot. In fact, they have been on a holiday recently with each other along with their close friends.

But now we hear gossip about their breakups, which seems to be popping up, however, at the very same time, they have now being seen calling off their relationship. They have now denied working together now with the coming films. The two were supposed to work in Aashiqui 3 but now Alia is denying to work as it has her ex-boyfriend Sid in it.  So, perhaps many of the gossip mongers and the gossip mills are being assured to the fact that this time the split between the actors seems to be permanent.

This time the impact this time seems to be severe for the fact that Alia and Sid are now avoiding each other. As per reports, they have been avoiding each other, which have been confirmed by their close friends.  They confirmed to the fact that the two having been fighting a lot in the recent times. Hence it was the mutual decision that they decided it wasn’t working out for the two it was better to end it. Also, we hear stories between Sid and his upcoming movie A Gentleman co-star Jacqueline Fernandez since they have been working together. So, this time we have enough reasons to believe that the two have separately permanently.

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