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Alia Bhatt too likely to be the leading star in Hollywood remake of The Fault in our Stars at B Town

Allia Bhatt

Another reason for the Highway actress Alia Bhatt this year! Embarking with three back to back movies in the row the very same year 2014 has given another reason to gush this young star. As per the rumor factory, Karan Johar has plans to remake the Hollywood movie called The Fault in Our Stars wherein he is more likely to take Alia Bhatt in the leading role. He has watched the said movie and has turned out to be its big fan now, which compels him to take up the story in B town for its remake. And if you believe the rumors Alia Bhatt would be the lead star in it.

The reasons why rumors are seen spreading about this news is the fact that Alia has posted the picture of the movie over her Instagram account. Here you can find the picture of the book called My New Love.. Fault in our stars on which the said movie is based. Now sources tell that Alia has read script (of course the story from the said book), you can certainly expect her to lead the action over the screen. In this movie, the love story is seen revolving around two patients suffering from the menace called cancer who fall in love to each other. Karan’s has great faith on Alia and her acting skills; hence it’s inevitable to see her on the board. The male character is still to be decided, till then you keep on guessing?

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