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AKSHAYA NAIK wins Ms. Navi Mumbai by BLISS 2016

Akshaya Naik who is seen as Ananya Shaurya Maheshwari on Star Plus’ Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is now at cloud nine. She won 1st runner up at Ms. Navi Mumbai Event BLISS 2016.

The event had girls from all over Mumbai had participated. Around 50-60 girls had auditioned. There were 2 rounds. And the finals were conducted among 11 girls.

“It was the first time that I had walked a ramp at such a professional level. I was the only plus sized girl and with no experience of walking the ramp. The finals had 3 rounds, Traditional, Talent and Western namely. For the talent round, I did cartoon mimicry, dance and act. The question asked me in the 3rd round was, Who would I like to be in my next birth, man or woman! I replied: A Man. The very reason being that this birth I have and I am experiencing womanhood. And enjoying every bit of it. Also experiencing the hardships. It is very easy to pin point on the men and speak bad about them. But I would like to be on the other side as well and experience the good and bad of being a man, because I am pretty sure it is equally difficult to be a man,” Akshaya told us in a statement.

Akshaya also proved beauty is far from body size and slamed people who use to make her fun. She concludes, “I Could finally prove that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. A big shoutout to all those who laughed on me during college days for participating in such contests. A bigger shout out to all those who worried about my figure and my diets. I am even thankful to them as haters have big supports to make you successful.”

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