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Akshay kumar Dragged by Airport Authorities at Heathrow for Invalid Visa

Don’t you feel this actually sounds really un-believable? But believe me guys the things are really like un-colourful that will actually take some couple of minutes to understand. Well it’s like this, you might be familiar with the ongoing cum trending shooting of the dashing stunt man Akshay kumar movie Rustom don’t you? If yes then it’s about the same which has made the star to get notched under such situations. Before we proceed with the controversy will just remind you that the movie ‘Rustom’ will be purely under the directions of Tinu Suresh Desai, featuring Akshay himself along with Ileana D’Cruz as one of the leading stars in the movie.

As pre the true source of, it said that the star was went to London for completing some of the scenes of the movie, but while he was moving and sorting out all of the airport formalities he was dragged by the airport authorities to answer some queries like, why you are going London? He said, for his looming movie’s shooting purpose but when they demanded for the visa from him at that time he was not having his visa and henceforth he was sitting in general room where all the people do wait for such cases for around 1 and half hours.

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