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Akshay Kumar DETAINED at Heathrow airport?

Bad news there for the Akshay Kumar Fans who has been detained at Heathrow airport for not having a  valid visa. Akshay Kumar who is busy shooting for his upcoming film called Ruston had to face some bad time at the Heathrow Airport. As per reports, the actor had to wait at the general waiting area over the airport for around one and half hour with other detained passengers. Well, he failed to have a valid Visa to enter the London city and thus has to be in the list of detained passengers for one and half hours.

The officials told that there were certain discrepancies in the documents of the actor and thus they had to keep the actor waiting till they got the valid visa for him. As per reports, the rules for entering Canadian National state is to enter Londo without having a tourist Visa, however, Akshay who was in this place for around 15 days shoot failed to get any leeway. He was seen cooling his heels in the allotted areas in between 7 am to 8.45 am as the fans there went crazy clicking photos with him though he requested for a separate area but was denied by the airport authorities. However, the actor has denied about this report and claimed that he didn’t face any trouble during the detention.

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