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Akshay Kumar more Comforatble with Early mornings Shoots | Rustom

On Exclusive Chat with Priyanka Raina, Actor Akshay Kumar tells that  “We all are aware of Mumbai Traffic and if we start our day at 10  and then two hours go in Traffic. Early Morning shoots are peaceful and you reach easily the Venue. and even you wind up early say by 1 and whole day is yours then”
“Early Mornings getting up is actually better for health too , as you get lot of fresh air, which latter on you dont” Akshay Kumar Adds
Adding to Flavour , Illeina De Cruez laughs “am not actually early morning person but Yes  Dad who is from Defence liked the schedule that am waking up early. Actually Have to change my Habits”
Also the Actor AKSHAY KUMAR on his latest flick DISHOOM laughs about his character , “Was a good try to portray a Gay character and of-coarse the Best part was Selfie part so now you tell DISHOOM SELFIE
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