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Akshay Kumar as Villain in Robot 2: Touted to be India’s most Expensive Movie

Robot 2

Well this will be surely a big one!! It’s the Bollywood one n only star cum celeb who have entertaining all of us like anything that to at a stretch since many years and still stand out to be the king of notching box office collection like a spark, none other than Akshay Kumar. However if you’re one of the lovable fans of him then this will going to be a remarkable news for you, check this out. Almost 99% of cases you all of have heard that he’s been the consistent smasher and most importantly Khiladi of Bollywood but on the other hand do you know, that this time he’s coming up to double your excitement? No? Ohh My, then check this out..

The Khiladi of Bollywood is coming up on the big screen as one of the toughest Villain never seen before, along with the great star Rajinikanth and with his cute n alluring Amy Jackson as one of the leading stars in the looming movie ‘Robot 2’. Isn’t sounds something really interesting? Yes, of course and the stars are coming up with doubled the entertainment, so ready for action soon. But till then have a look on what Akshay added on twitter..


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