Akshay Aruku from venturing South Indian Films to Bollywood films

Akshay Aruku
When Akshay Aruku was entering his youth age, he wanted to be a scientist as he was brought up with this idea. However, his active role in plays and dramas during the school concerts and cultural shows turned the table as he decided to take a plunge into this field. This developed his passion and interest to enter into this field and venture into the field of acting. He remembers how he used to accompany his grandfather to theaters when he was the part of the play based on Ramayana. He got good exposure as to how things work and came across how all stations broadcast movies.

This helped him develop his tempo for different characters and he felt the connections with them. He then started to establish them before it reflects. It all started with the fantasy but when he was a grown-up guy, he was gravely ready to achieve the same. But when he started his efforts to take a plunge into the acting field he turned an object of ridicule. People close to him including his family members, friends and known people started making fun of him and disregarded him for his dreams.

But instead of reiterating, he preferred to overcome these challenges and hurdles and started things in the South Indian entertainment domain in Sandalwood. He also is venturing into Bollywood as an actor. People allege that he is in a relationship but for him, his goals are different than any other person of his age group. He wants to do something in the field of acting hence getting into any kind of relationship is nothing but a waste of time and resources. He is a social man and wants to keep everyone happy and pleased. Working with different dialects have helped him understand how things work in the film industry. He understands how things move and how people pursue different scenes in a film. But he loves to stick to his attitude and feels that the romantic genre is his type. He has now started getting compliments for his work from different directors. He intends to go a long way in this field.

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