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Akshara Singh’s sobbing video surfaced online in response to her leaked MMS

After an alleged MMS of Bhojpuri actress, Akshara Singh went viral online, her name was brought to attention. A woman identified as Akshara is seen in an offensive situation in the allegedly recorded video. A second video of the ex-Bigg Boss contestant appeared not long after the news went viral on social media. She can be seen crying and interrogating people about women’s sexism in the second video.

In the second video, the emotional actress claims that while her fans adore and support her, it breaks her heart to witness members of her profession disparaging one another’s reputations and wrongfully smearing their contemporaries. She claims that while there are many entertainment sectors in the nation, including Bollywood, South Indian cinema, and Punjabi films, Bhojpuri actors are frequently spotted in these circumstances. Why it can’t be peaceful like other film industries, she wonders.

“What makes the Bhojpuri industry the only one suffused with filth? Where does all this cheapness come from? It seems that everyone is after each other. Make sure everyone is blocked. No one should hear his song. There is no way for any other actor to go far ahead. Ultimately, what is all this about?” she says in the video.

While many claims that the video of Akshara’s response to the alleged MMS leak is recent, media reports say that the actress is actually in an older video. According to reports, the two-year-old video was her response to the controversy-plagued Bhojpuri film industry.

Akshara is not the first person to be embroiled in a controversy. Previously, Akshara’s rival Amjali Arora was caught in the same controversy after a fake video surfaced on the Internet. It was claimed to be an MMS, putting Anjali and her boyfriend in a vulnerable position. The social media influencer immediately denied the reports and slammed those who were tarnishing her image. She also stated that competitors who cannot compete with her success resort to acts to bring her down.
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