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Akira 1st Weekend Box Office Report

Movies like Akira is a seldom affair in B Town. As majority of action based films revolves around the mail protagonists. However, a film with a leading lady with the action as the theme is a rare event. In a sense such movies are challenging to make as the actresses are not often meant to show action but with films like Akira, the tables have turned and you have Sonakshi Sinha the leading lady coming to board to do all the action.

She has scored better in her earlier movies, right from Dabangg to Holiday, she has worked with action hero like Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar respectively. In a sense Akira proved out to be a game changer for the actress who was more known as a bubbly girl but with tough fight sequences in this film, she is not less than an actress in action avatar.

In terms of collection, the film Akira has done better in terms of story and collection at least when we compare with other female centric movies like Neerja and Mary Kom. Having Anurag Kashyap in the role of a villain, Sonakshi in the action woman role really did well. As per reports, the film has a budget of around 30 crores, while it has already secured more than half the collection of the film from music and satellite rights. Thus with the first weekend collection, the film is already in surplus.

As per reports, the first weekend box office collection for Akira tolled to around 16.13 crores, which is a decent amount as far as the recovering the collection is concerned. Though during the weekdays the collection is likely to fall as compared to the weekend, yet at the end of the day, the collection tolls to around a decent collection for sure.

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