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Aisa Yeh Jahaan Movie Review: A Good Intention Movie With a Bad Approach

Aisa-Yeh-Jahaan movie review

This Friday, we have two mid budget movies releasing, which certainly include Aisha Yeh Jahaan. This film has been country’s first Carbon Neutral Movie, which is directed by Biwajeet Bora, while it is produced by Maya Kholie. The film has Dr. Palash Sen, Ira Dubey, Kymsleen Kholie and Yashpal Sharma in the lead roles. Moreover, the actors like Tinu Anand, Prisha Dabbas, Saurabh Pandey and Carol Gracias are seen in the supporting roles. The movie is a socio-environment film, which focuses on life and survival of a middle class family based in a metro city. The film was shot mostly in Bombay and party in states like Meghalaya and Assam and it was completed in the record’s time of 45 days, which also include the six songs picturization. Now, let us take a dip into the film.


The words of Thomas Edison said long back seems to be relevant perfectly to this film. He said that with a good intention clubbed with a bad approach one can often lead to poor result. This defines somewhere the film from Biswajeet Bora called Aisa Yeh Jahaan. If you run through the film’s story, it is about a young Assamese couple Rajib played by Dr. Palash Sen and Ananya played by Ira Dubey who revives their love and keen to fix their fast growing detachments from family, their nature and roots. As said above, it is about life and survival amidst the fight to lead a high-class life and on all the sacrifices people make to enjoy a plush and king size life.

At the very first sequence, you are introduced to Pakhi played by Kymsleen Kholie, who is unlike any other teenager’s head is filled with dreams and aspirations. She works full time at the North East couple residence taking care of their daughter. The family is the same like any other conventional metropolitan family having big dreams and limited resources. The couple is diverse in nature, the man in the family is seen with a person of gold heart, while the lady is the slave of so many ambitions. Then comes the time when the lady brings her daughter in the ad world to make her ends meet and rest is interesting to catch.

Script Analysis

AIsa Yeh Jahaan badly suffers from the busload of wrong direction despite having a good heart. It also emphasizes on a number of social causes including the vital parts of cultural discrimination as faced by the people hailing from North East like Assam and other similar states in the metro cities like Bombay. The endeavor of both Palash and Ira seems to make the film strong yet it is seen faltering a lot; however, it is left grappling with a small rope. The story in the film seems too disconnected. Though on the face of it, the film looks cool in its initial setup; however, Aisa Yeh Jahaan simply tires to pack too many elements and themes together as one unit ending up nowhere. The first half encompasses too many elements, right from covering a message for the environment to struggling life of all the main characters in the film, amidst a couple of songs and romance. However, the second half seems just the opposite leading you nowhere. Biswajeet failed to do much with his storytelling efforts, which even hampers the climax of the film.

Star Performances and other elements

Ira playing the role the lady called Mrs. Ananya Saikia seemed funny at some sequences, however, more often she is also offensive with her deliberate efforts to her typical Assamee accent mixing with English. She somehow appears to be very unnatural in her performance, while similar was the story from Palash Sen while playing the character of Mr. Rajib Saikia. Though he tried to add some elements of flair to character, but it comes free from any energy making it an ordinary performance. The other elements too aren’t that fascinating, which can impress the audience thus adding up a good word of mouth buzz for the film.

Aisa Yeh Jahaan – Last Word

It cannot be called as an impressive efforts by Biswajeet Bora as he seemed copying his mentor Jahnua Barua whom he assisted in many of the films in the past. With some original efforts and creativity, the film could have gone much better. Having said that, the film seems to have some good ideas but the part of sad execution simply made things bad to worse. If you feel that in India you hardly get any status and recognition to Seven Sisters States then you can think of catching up the film as its resonate the same or else this can prove out to be a drag thing for you as an audience.

Rating -2.5

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