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Air Pollution Leads 8 Million Deaths Per Year

Air Pollution has been the concern for environmentalist for ruining life at large. However, the growing urbanization and industrialization has simply snowballed the problem of air pollution. In cities people simply in polluted environment, which bring in a number of issues hard to control. The fact is this problem has increased the number of deaths taking place every year. The number of problems caused by air pollution is simply increasing with every passing day.

As per reports more than 8 million people lose their life due to air pollution worldwide. More than half of the percentage are seen losing their life in developed nations, as here the pollution seems to be high in comparison to the other nations. The rest of the people die due to the problem of outdoor air pollution. As per the latest report, the issues like lung cancer, myocardial infarction, ischaemia, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, stroke, etc, are the result of air pollution.

Considering this alarming state, the WHO member states are likely to sit on this issue and discuss regulating the problem, which is increasing with very passing day. They are supposed to chalk out recommendations, which will help in reducing the issues at a larger scale.

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