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Air India flight makes unscheduled landing to pick and deliver Human Heart

Yes, it may sound like a movie story, but its true when an Air India flight was forced to pick up and deliver a human heart for a heart transplant surgery to Chennai. The AI flights which is often known to pick up and deliver people and other stuff was the first one to deliver Human Heart for the first time in the history of Aviation in India. This unusual landing was seen occurring in the city of Madurai after the AI flight that was scheduled to fly some other place was seen taking away the human heart to Chennai.

The said harvested human organ belonged to a 29-year-old man, who passed away recently due to brain death leaving behind his relatives and friends in a car accident. The delivery was witnessing a delay of not arriving at a Chennai based hospital on time for the man in need of the same. The Delhi based airline was then diverted to Chennai. As soon as the plane reached the runway, the heart was carried inside a private ambulance and soon was rushed to the hospital to complete the human heart transplant of a Pune based man in Chennai.

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