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AIB Knockout Roast : Karan ,Arjun and Ranveer grabbed for FIR

AIB Knockout Roast

AIB the three letter word seems to be on the verge to excite not even the audience but also some of the person at higher authorities. The show which was governed by some private authority but in front of the huge audience and indeed the event took place to go vice versa i.e. viral and vulgar. Talking about the audience then the excitement of the people enjoying such moments not remained intact and turned up to a level of catching fire on the floor. Moving deeper on to this then, video of nothing but negligible length were circulated all over the B town, of course to have fun but none of the fans and exciting audience have ever thought off that such activities may turned up to a level that can even knock the doors of government to fill FIRs against one of the renowned celebs of B town.

Are you eager to know who’re the unluckily celebs who have been caught accidentally or un knowingly? Check this out, starting with one of the stunning director of Bollywood none other than ‘Karan Johar along with the two fellow but crazy stars of B town Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer-Singh. Yes, it’s really strange but indeed a bitter truth, the roast of AIB was not only limited to this and thus explored some tweets of B town celebs as well like have a look on what Chetan Bhagat added on social media website twitter “If they are going to probe AIB roast for abusive language, they will also need to probe every college hostel in this country” – As per the sources. However, if we talk about the FIRs then “The Maharashtra culture minister clearly is not amused. Vinod Tawde has deemed the video “vulgar” and said an FIR would be lodged. And since nothing unites religious groups as much as sniff of lewdness (remember their coming together against the case to repeal Section 377) the Brahmin Ekta Seva Sanstha and the Maharashtra Christian Youth Forum have filed FIRs against the filth.” – AS per the sources.

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