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AIB – All India Bakchod Knockout Roast Review By CineTalkers.com

All India Bakchod Knockout
All India Bakchod Knockout

Ladies and gentlemen get ready for something that you have seen, haven’t experienced, haven’t though off, haven’t imagined before!! Yes, it’s indeed shameful for the entire Bollywood industry. The roaster event of an entire era that can make anyone felt shame on Bollywood celebs; rather you’ll say giving nothing but a hard core shock to the fans by using the most vulgar and abusive words like starting with the title of the event Bakchod, flucked, bastard, chut, Suck and lots of such abusive words. Yes, you are actually right we are depicting about the shameful event ‘AIB All India Bakchod’ that was indeed rolling all over the B town with a huge hike and getting viral day by day, in fact it’s sizzling right now as well. But, does anyone know the reason behind conducting such a shameful event? No? So, let’s make this very clear before our lovely CineTalkers reader’s starts thinking something different. The event took by some private authorities but on the other hand their motto was just to grab huge bucks from the audience for a ‘Charity’. Grabbing money for a charity is really good but by creating such a non-sense that to in front of Bollywood celebs like Alia Bhatt, Anurag Kashyap, Sanjay Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha and many more. Just have a look on keen roasters who have been there for making that event a brand viral, we bet you’ll surely get a shock while listening their names and most importantly there abusive cum vulgar language..

Starting with the anchor of the event, the most magnifying shameful person, may be termed as the host of inviting vulgarity, a star, a celeb, an actor and last but not the least a well-known renowned director of fabulous movies and he’s none other than ‘Karan Johar’ a hero specially for behind the scenes. He initialized he’s nonsense by exploring a damn abusive language by honoring the equally responsible celebs Arjun Kapoor and one n only Ranveer Singh. But firstly he fired his abusive punch to Arjun, Karan added – “Arjun is guy who was fucked n 12th Standard”.

The event then rolled up one by one roaster’s who just explored there vulgarity with their vocals like the first one was ‘Ashish Shakya’, he added “The reason behind the absence of Parineeti Chopra as she was told that she’ll be fucked by 10 dudes in front of 2000 people and Karan is here as if he knew that he’ll be fucked by 10 dudes in front of 2k people” the way he expelled his way of thoughts that was really shocking.

The second roaster Abish Mathew, he added “Ranveer did an ad for durex, it’s the first time as his condom began with an STD”. Abish­ – A stand-up comedian also expressed something that we all can’t use such rubbish word in front of anybody.

The third roaster and often named as a rude guy with a toughest attitude, none other than ‘Raghuram’ as expected he will be full on of his attitude and thus this reflected in his vocals as well. He added “Galiyan do lakhon chutiye dekhenge,,,,Bosadike, Rohan would haven’t been here you Bastard. And lastly he added in the end suck all the chopra’s cock — Ranbir & Arjun” and indeed there were such more number of celebs like Gursimran Khamba, rohan joshi, aditi mittal, Rajiv Masand and few more celebs who were there to explore the abusiveness amongst the audience.

AIB  Review Last Words :

Overall what happened was really shameful and painful too for all of us as the motto behind conducting such event was really appreciable but on the other hand, Is it like there’s only such ways to grab huge bucks? Well said ‘If somebody desires to do something whole heartedly then no one in the entire universe can stop him to achieve his goal’. In the same way there are ways wherein the money can be easily grabbed but to abuse and that to a level which can even make anyone feel disgusting is really not that good. Lastly we hope in future at least such events won’t be conducted for such valuable motto’s.

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