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Ahsan Khan

Ahsan Khan Biography :

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan

Born: October 9, 1981
Age :33
Birthplace : London, United Kingdom
Height: 1.82 m

Ahsan Khan is not a unknown name when it come to Pakistan and even in India thanks to the popularity of Zindagi channel. He is also a known performer and host of different shows and event. He hails from Lahore wherein he was born and brought up. After doing his schooling when went to Lahore’s popular called Government College University to do his Masters in English Literature. During his childhood, his family was seen moving from Lahore to Karachi and United Kingdom. While doing his Masters in English, he left it in the midst to pursue his career in acting. He is married and has two sons and one daughter. He has twin sisters and one brother exactly as he is.

He started his career in acting from a TV show called Nikah followed by another called Hans Ki Chal aired over the popular channel called PTV. The former was a big hit of 2004. He then did a number of TV serials including Ana, Taqdeer, Tapish, Safid Posh, Banjar, Vasi, Parsa, etc. After making his niche in the smaller world, he shifted to the silver screen doing a couple of smaller films. These include Ghar Kab Aao Gay, along with a couple of tele films as well. He also did a number of reality shows like O Maa, Hayya Allal Falah and Madventures- Ary Digital. Currently, he is doing Mausam, Marasim, Meri Zindagi Hai Tu, etc. With Zindagi Channel in India, he also turned popular in India as well.

Apart from a number of films and television shows, he is also known to perform at various stage shows and events. These include in the year 2013, the popular Hum Awards first ceremony with teh co-host called Mehwish Hayat. As per the recent buzz, he is seen singing up two movies from Bollywood, which is being director the veteran Deepti Naval. With this, he will be another Khan from Pakistan to join Indian Film Industry popularly called Bollywood. Besides, he has also debuted in singing, in one of the TV show called Khoya Khoya Chand. His show Mere Katil Mere Dildar and Kitne Girhe Abhi Baki hai.

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