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Agrifields’ Amit Gupta had affair with mystery woman; reveal AFP court transcripts.

Amit Gupta is the promoter of Getax, a rock-phosphate company, now runs Agrifields DMCC in Dubai, where he resides, alongside his family.

Through his company Getax, Gupta stands accused at the center of a criminal case filed by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) in February 2020 for bribery of foreign public officials in the Republic of Nauru.

As per the Sydney Morning Herald, “The US documents name Getax director Amit Gupta as the ‘target of a criminal investigation who is alleged to have conspired with others to bribe foreign public officials and to have engaged in money laundering and other offenses’.”

As per Intercepted Transcripts:

Recently, the phone transcripts where the Australian Federal Police “legally intercepted” the phone calls of Amit Gupta and his family members revealed more details regarding the ongoing cases.

According to AFP court documents section (“Annexure D”), between 15th October 2012 and 9th April 2013, 8 “telephone interception warrants” were issued to the Australian Federal Police, under “Section 46 of the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act 1979.”

These transcripts have led to numerous revelations, such as admissions to black money and wrongful activities, amongst other things.

Document BN-17 (Batch number 17) of “legally intercepted transcripts” by the Australian Federal Police, which occurred on the 22nd February 2013 at 17:37pm Australia time, showcases a personal and romantic affair between Amit Gupta, and, as per court documents, “U/F”/unknown female. It was translated by Interpreter Bhim Nagpal in March 2016. The document is 14-pages.

Amit Gupta asks the U/F, “Do I have a positive image or not?”, to which she replies with “Of course. [laughs], And I don’t want to spoil that, you know”.

Amit Gupta proceeds to inform her that “You’re my lucky mascot, my dear”, and informs her, reads Page 13 of the official intercepted transcript, “You are so capable, for that, you should say thanks to god who made you so capable. Ask, why did he do that? (Laughs) Ask me”.

Amit proceeds to end the call with “Yes, you’re right dear!” and that “As long as you continue to be my lucky mascot. That is all I want”.

Additionally, on the call Amit informs this U/F that he was “handling all the accounts and things of the family” and that he “literally had a nervous breakdown” when there “was an enquiry from the tax office”, going on to say “I know what’s right and wrong. And nobody else”.

This story gains further prominence via the ongoing Income Tax investigation in India, complemented by the FIR filing and intercepted transcript documentation revelation, showcasing the nature of Gupta’s financial dealings as well as personal affairs, contributing a heightened layer of complexity to the evolving narrative.

FIR Copy:

Agrifields FIR Copy
Agrifields FIR Copy

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