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The Aftermath of Padmavat Release : What’s up at Karni Sena

The Aftermath of Padmavat Release

Despite the film was being marred by a number of controversies, it finally sailed the boat to the screen. The film faced a lot right from the numerous threats from the fringe groups like Karni Sena and other similar groups in the states like Rajasthan and Haryana. We heard a lot from these fringe groups announcing the murder of the filmmaker and similar other things. But when the Supreme Court intervened the possibility of releasing the films in the four states like UP, Rajasthan, Haryana and Gujarat. However, still the screen owners and multiplexes were reluctant to release the film. Some went on to avoid releasing the film, while others did the release.

So, when the film was released in the screens, we heard and saw the fringe groups and they were seen smashing the screens airing the movie, while the heads of these groups were even given police protection to damage the public property when they were on the streets of the towns and cities of these two states. While at some places when the police were strict they were seen arresting the goons and people agitating the film. A few of the members in places like Mumbai and Pune were seen gifting the people the flowers and then asking not to visit the theatre and watch the film. This was the rare thing to see in places where the agitation was mild and police had good arrangements.

The overall picture of these agitations was bad as even the buses ferrying in Gurgaon were stoned when the kids were inside while returning from their schools. Many condemned this act and the TV channel studios were seen not less than war rooms wherein we even saw the anchor showing the reps from Karni Sena. The freedom of expression have been crushed badly all thanks to the political patronage been given to such groups by the ruling parties for their own vested interest.

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