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After Priyanka Chopra and several Hollywood celebs Sonam and Rhea Kapoor too condemn US ruling over adoption

Recently Priyanka Chopra took to social media to comment on the US Supreme Court’s abortion decision. The actress posted Michelle Obama’s letter in response to the US Supreme Court’s decision on Instagram. The former First Lady of the United States expressed her heartbreak in an elaborate Instagram and Twitter post.

In a separate post, Priyanka compared two US Supreme Court decisions, one on gun control and the other on abortion rights. “Two Supreme Court decisions that will live in infamy,” read her Instagram story.

For the unversed, United States Supreme Court repealed the constitutional right to abortion on Friday, more than 50 years after it was established, leaving individual states to decide. Following the ruling, several states, aside from those where abortion is already illegal, enacted abortion bans in the event that Roe vs Wade is overturned.

While many Hollywood celebrities have expressed their outrage at the recent ruling and its aftermath, a number of Bollywood celebrities have also expressed their displeasure with the ruling. 

After Priyanka now Sonam Kapoor, for her part, shared a series of posts on her Instagram stories discussing whether abortion is legal in India, eligibility requirements for the procedure, and whether unmarried women can obtain abortion in India. According to Sonam’s posts, a single woman over the age of 18 does not need the permission of her parents or spouse to have an abortion if it is affecting her physically or mentally. She does, however, require a doctor’s approval.

Rhea Kapoor, for her part, expressed New Zealand’s position on abortion. The country recently passed legislation decriminalising abortion and treating it as a health issue rather than a criminal one.

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