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After Facing Toughest Hurdles Adnan Sami Finally Grabbed Indian citizenship

adnan sami

The title may sounds something really magnifying but on the other hand, it has some depth meaning inside it, let’s have some lights on the same. Despite it’s been so many years when he initiated his carrier i.e. the one n only singer ‘Adnan Sami’ by stealing the hearts of his beloved fans just with soulful voice but as of today he’s still maintaining his own identity just by singing. So guys n gals there’s something really important right in the very first day of 2016. Check out..

A former Pakistani singer none other than ‘Adnan Sami’ finally grabbed or a better word for this will be, a deserving singer got an Indian Constitution Certificate later this morning!!. Well said “It takes too much time to get something really precious but in the end, the result actually brings some peaceful smile on our faces” and the same goes with Adnan as well. As per the sources when he was asked that how does he feel after receiving such a stunning certificate? Giving a smile on his face he added – “The Biryani which is made in both the countries i.e. India and Pakistan have exactly same taste and I get easily get it whenever I want”

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