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Did Aditya Roy Kapur meeting Ranbir Kapoor was meant to clarify his linkup with Katrina Kaif?

As we heard about the Katrina Kaif getting close to Aditya Roy Kapur, we saw her ex-beau minding this movie. Amidst all rumors surrounding Katrina Kaif and Aditya Roy Kapur, the two have time and again reassured they are just friends and have been this way even when Katrina was in a relationship with Ranbir Kapoor but you know how it works?

The very next minute when the two get spotted together, the rumor mills claimed that the two dating? Is Aditya the new man in Katrina’s life? In fact, just yesterday there was also another media report which suggested that Ranbir and Aditya have actually met coz of Katrina. So is this the reason why Aditya Roy Kapur finally decided to make the first move and clear the air with Ranbir? Well, at least that’s what these latest pictures suggest.

Aditya, who is otherwise even care the least to attend Ranbir’s housewarming party earlier last month, was surprisingly spotted arriving at Ranbir’s house last night. In fact, even Arjun Kapoor was seen joining the duo. Now we all know if it was an all- boys night out considering the three bond over soccer all the time but given that Arjun accompanied Adi- does that mean he played the peacemaker between Ranbir and Aditya? Like you never know, right? Given that Arjun is equally close to Katrina, Ranbir and Aditya – it could be that he felt it right to intervene and sort things out once and for all. As why bear the fuss about something that’s not even true?

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