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Aditi Sharma became small screen stunt queen, jumped into ditch on shooting of ‘Yeh Jadoo Hai Jinn Ka’

Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka atress Aditi Sharma

A different kind of show ‘Yeh Jadoo Hai Jinn Ka’ between Saas Bahu Drama and Supernatural Shows is getting a fair amount of love from the audience. The actors of the show on sets also work hard to make the show a success. Filming of an action sequence was seen this time on the set of Yeh Jadoo Hai Jinn Ka. According to the scene, the show’s lead artist Aditi was supposed to jump into a ditch 10 feet deep.

When Aditi jumped into the pit with a rope tied to the body, the breath of all the people on the set appeared to be stuck. Regarding this scene, Aditi says, “I have never been afraid of heights or darkness, but the shooting experience of this sequence was different. I really enjoy doing these stunts and the show team has also supported me a lot. Even before that I shot barefoot for an action sequence and it was very difficult because we were shooting in a forest. ”

How can children be prevented from copying stunts shown in television shows, movies or commercials? On this question, Aditi says, “These stunts are done under complete supervision, proper guidance and children should not try to do them at home.”

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