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The Actual Height of Popular Actors in Bollywood

bollywood actors height

We often find tall male leads with mid size actresses in B Town movies. That’s the usual story in any average movie in Bollywood. But not many fans would know how much is the real height of the popular actors who are seen in different movies in Bollywood. You would be surprised to know that even Deepika Padukone who is seen heighted compared to all the three Khans seems shorter than others in the film. Well, at such junctures, it would be interesting to explore the real heights of the actors and actresses of Bollywood, which are as under:

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

The Bahu from the Bachchans though is considered to be the tallest lady in B Town but do you know her real height. Well, she measures 5.65 feet.

Shah Rukh Khan

He is known as the king of Bollywood the star of romance films but not many would call him a taller actor. But in reality he is of height 5.75 feet.

Katrina Kaif

She is indeed the tallest actress but certainly doesn’t exceed the six feet for sure. Well, in reality she measures 5.8 feet.

Priyanka Chopra

The Quantico actress is known for her height and capabilities and in actuality measures around 5.65 feet.

Siddhart Malhotra

He is among the tallest actors in B Town. The talented actor and handsome hunk measures 6.1 feet.

Ranbir Kapoor

If you thought the heartthrob of B Town to be young and shorter think again. In fact, he is close to Siddharth Malhotra tolling to 6.04 feet.

Deepika Padukone

Many thought she is the tallest actress in B Town and even taller than her male counterparts but wait, she is below Ranbir and Siddhart. She actually measures 5.9, which is really close.

Salman Khan

If you thought that the Sultan actor is taller than all, give a second thought. He is taller but not that taller than Ranbir Kapoor or even the leggy lass. He measures 5.6 shorter than SRK as well.

Aamir Khan

You guessed it right, he is the shortest in terms of height in B Town but watch it, he is the most talented actors in the industry fondly called as passionate and Mr. Perfectionist artist. He measures 5.5 feet, which is really low.

Alia Bhatt

The lady who is even shorter than Aamir Khan is Alia Bhatt. The talented actress who started her career with Student of the Year measures 5.3.

Sonam Kapoor

She competes the best with the leggy lass. Yes she is the same height as that of Deepika Padukone and thus close to Ranbir Kapoor and Sidharth Malhotra with the height of 5.90 feet.

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