Actress Trishna Pritam is Dismayed about the current Situation Yet Remains Hopeful

Actress Trishna Pritam

The last one and half years have gone pathetic in terms of losing people within the film and TV industry, giving a tough time for the world. Pandemic has brought forth too many issues and particularly during the tough times. This led to issues like unemployment, jobs loss, and many more that came before the lives of many. The situations in the film and TV industry seemed the same and it did hamper the people within this industry. One of the actresses, Trishna Pritam, also had to face a tough time amid this grim situation.

All she could see was negativity, loss of work, bankruptcy due to the sudden shutdown of salaries at workplaces. This has led many actors to return to their homes leaving Mumbai the dream city and so has made things worse. However, the actress has maintained a balance in her life. Although Trishna Pritam is also among the losers as her forthcoming web series which is yet to be named is put on hold. It was supposed to hit the floor with the Pandemic around, so she had to face a tough time.

Trishna Pritam Actress
Trishna Pritam Actress

However, Trishna Pritam is facing a tough time by keeping her head cool. In order to keep herself calm and composed, she keeps herself busy with Yoga and her workouts. Trishna has been a regular in gyms, but with these spaces locked during the Pandemic, she keeps things rolling at her own place. She does her Yoga at home and so does her workout. Yoga helps her to meditate and thus keep her body and soul in control. Thus she is able to keep herself in the right shape while walking on the spiritual path.

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