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Actress Nikita Rawal was the best Fit for this music video on drugs, Says Pratyush Upadhyay of Innocent Virus Films

Actress Nikita Rawal

Nikita Rawal, a very well known Bollywood actress and social activist has recently worked in a musical documentary on DRUGS. In this documentary, Nikita Rawal has narrated the ill effects of drugs not only on the addict but also his entire family and social circle.

Pratyush upadhyay mentions that Nikita Rawal ki was the best choice for this project as this subject is very sensitive and Nikita ji is already into social work will be able to justify this concept perfectly.

This musical documentary has been released and generating positive reviews by audience because of its uniqueness. This project is Produced by Innocent Virus Films and developed by Pratyush upadhyay.

This beautiful concept and story is written and designed by Stuti Ladha and background music is given by a young and talented Manav Poddar who is now a very popular name in music industry having back to back releases of his projects with big platforms like Zee Music.

Nikita Rawal is a well known face in film industry, and her NGO “Aastha Foundation” is continuously engaged in social welfare.

Talking to Nikita Rawal about this unique concept for the shoot we were told that These days actors are so centered about themselves that social messages are not being promoted. Nikita says “I have wanted do something which also has something for people and when Innocent Virus Films approachedme for this beautiful concept I gladly accepted it.

Nikita Rawal, a well known face in the Bollywood and TV industry who is a model cum actress  has acted in many music videos and has given the terrific performance in each . She has played different roles in all the videos and has justified each one of them tremendously .

To mention, Nikita has acted in Garam Masala , and white with Arshad warsi and Sunil Shetty , Happy birthday , Amma ki boli , Cute Kamina and more

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