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Actor turned Real estate Entrepreneur Akshat Bhatia


Actor turned Real estate Entrepreneur Akshat Bhatia who is now a American citizen and based in Beverly Hills working in several Hollywood projects and also a influential real estate entrepreneur spoke about the very important topics he gives his opinion on dual  citizenship, he talked about feelings of NRI’s who shifted to abroad due to their career but still having same feelings for India. he said – its time now for india to allow dual citizenship to NRIs so people living abroad like me can participate in the Indian democratic system by voting in elections. He says it is very upsetting that NRIs like me who are still closely attached to india can’t even vote.

He is very upset because he could not vote in recent LokSabha Elections as The actor holds a American Passport..“ Unfortunately, I could not vote as I holds an American passport,” As we all know, India doesn’t allow dual citizenship- at least till now. Efforts have been on to find a way out, but there hasn’t been any result. I hope India allows dual citizenship soon give is all Indians living abroad opportunity vote in the biggest democracy in the world, “ said Akshat.

I believe that by allowing us to vote they will become more involved in the nation-building process and the opportunities that India holds for them. Around the world, many countries allow their citizens to vote from abroad. Denying dual citizenship is not only unfair but a clear disregard for India’s proudly held democratic ideals. Majority of the democratic countries offer dual citizenship or allow their citizens to apply for foreign citizenship without making them give up basic rights in their home country.” By denying us dual nationality, aren’t we deprived of the chance to serve our own country of birth? Are we refused our right just because we are recognised in a foreign country? Doesn’t it sound like asking a woman to forget her parents, for her in-laws, where she treats them both with equal reverence.’ says Akshat he also added that – Dual nationality gives us sense of belonging to our home country as well as our adopted country. Its not right to Take away our Indian citizenship just because my family and I have chosen another country to live in.

“I would really like appeal to PM modi to consider and take action on this so we can vote in 2024,said Akshat.


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