Monday, January 17, 2022
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Actor Rohit Pathak learning Martial Arts for his next film

Rohit Pathak

B-town stars are always recognized for their fashion and their attracting personalities. Either if we talk about any magazine photo shoot or of any movie or either of any fashion show. We have noticed them in a beautiful avatar. What makes them perfectly fit?? Yes obviously a gym factor is noticed but apart from this very few of us knows that our Bollywood personalities also prefer Martial Arts in their routine to keep themselves fit.

The list of action heroes can be counted in the Bollywood industry but not complete figure of the actors are experienced in Mixed Martial Art Training. Now one more name in the list of Martial Arts is Rohit Pathak. The actor who recently signed Phantom Production film has started his training in Martial Art.  When we asked him about training he said, “Exercise is the only thing that completely change your personality. Body weight workout makes you fit and flexible. Regular exercise and daily workout in fresh air gives you a lot of energy and enthusiasm and automatically gets you into discipline without even your realizing.”

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