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Actor-choreographer Ali Bana reveals his experiences with frauds

Well-known actor and choreographer Ali Bana is been in the industry for almost 20-30 years now. Ali has worked with many big names in Bollywood. Not only this, the actor choreographer has his own dance team.

Recently, we at Cine Talkers happened to interview Ali Bana. In this exclusive interview, the actor opened up about all his past experiences with the frauds. Ali said, one of his FB friends trapped him into a sextortion case by video calling him and editing it as a Po*n video. Out of all this, the actor was asked to pay a whopping amount to delete the video.

Not just one, the actor also recited another fraud experience from his journey. The actor said that he received a request on a matrimonial site The request was by a girl named Ayesha Khan who seems to be interested in marrying the actor. After a few days of chatting, Ayesha told that she’ll be sending a lot of expensive gifts to him. After a few days, Ali received a call from the alleged courier service, saying that he has to pay a huge amount as the tax on the courier. Later on, the actor came to know that all these things were fraudulent and were quite unhappy with this.

Well, Ali has done his bit to overcome these incidents which made him stronger to tackle such frauds. We suggest you please do not fall for such fraudsters.


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