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The action and stunt man called Salman Khan

salman khan action pic

Salman has been synonymous to stunts and actions showcased in his movies. As per reports, he has acted more than 20 different action movies till date and has really stunned everyone with his power packed action and stunts in his movie. He is often known to have a signature action style wherein he often is seen removing his shirt and showing some of his best actions. Well, not only his female fans but also her male fans never take their eyes off from Salman Khan, when this man is seen in the action mode. At this juncture, when you have of his action movies called Kick is releasing, it would be wise to have a look at his stunt and action styles showcased in a number of movies.

The Macho man in Dabangg and its sequel

In a list of so many movies, Dabangg comes his home production wherein he is seen in action in both of its movies. He has been incredible in the role of Chulbul Pandey alias Robin Hood Pandey. In fact the Dabangg hs simply redefined Salman as an action man in Bollywood wherein he got the opportunity of embarking with new looks, style and of course a macho action hero. Well, if you remember his action when he is seen lifting the villain and scaring him closer to a speeding train, while his style of putting his Ray Ban sunglasses at the back of his color seems incredible. Similarly, in its sequel was seen once again amusing his fans. However, this time he couldn’t perform some of the high end action scenes and was seen taking the help of a body double. The reasons were obvious since at that time had undergone a treatment for the facial nerve disorder known as Trigeminal Neuralgia. Thus he was warned by the doctors to take extra precaution.

Salman Khan action scenes

Wanted and Bodyguard stabilized his action avatar

Next is the movie Wanted releasing during the Eid of 2009. This movie proved out to be a high point gainer as a successful superstar. It encompassed a masala kind of action with all the stunts being carried out by Sallu Baba getting a new charisma of an action hero. The fans of Salman wanted more and hence he was seen in a new avatar with incredible action. Remember the scene when Salman kills the villain with power packed action was carried out double handed way though it appears to be a single hand act. Next is the Bodyguard, which was seen hitting during the Eid of 2011. Again, some of the best actions were seen in the movie, right when he makes the entry in the movie to the last scene wherein he deals with hordes of people showing their action against him. You can find some of the best actions backed by incredible dialogues.

Stands against all odd in Veer and Ek Tha Tiger

Salman Khan top action

Another action movie comes in the form of Ek Tha Tiger, which was released in the year 2012. Despite being warned by his doctors not to carry out any heavy duty action, he did a number of actions, which rocked the world. Right from the start of the movie wherein he is being chased his rival groups to stopping the train in Ireland to his incredible jump inside the jet flying to go away from the sight of Indo Pak Intelligence’s agents. The fact is he had special Parkour training to carry out these incredible actions for the said movie. Similarly, he has hordes of other movies, wherein his action skills have been proved time and again. These include Veer wherein he did the action sequence combating the best in order to prove his worthiness of warriors. In fact, during the same movie, he was undergoing through a strict medication for his disorder. Despite the agony and pain he went out of the way to carry the action sequences on his own, which even cost him a surgery at the end to get the ailment in his body. Similar is the story with Jai Ho wherein he smartly and swiftly breaks the bones of people going against him portraying a very good message in the movie. Last but not the least Kick too witnesses one of the best action, which you can catch while watching the movie.

Wrapping up

Salman Khan is known to be a stunt hero with new style and action. Despite having certain grey areas of action in real time life of Sallu, yet you have huge amount of fans being the ardent fan of his incredible action. Well, hope to see such more actions in the coming future.

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