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Action Hero Biju movie review

Last Friday, it wasn’t a busy day for South Indian films unlike B Town, as it only embarked with just one film – Action Hero Biju. It is a Malayalam action comedy film, which is directed by Abrid Shine and produced by Jerry Amaldev. The film has Nivin Pauly, Anu Emmanuel and Jude Anthany Joseph in the lead roles. In fact, with this film Nivin Pauly is doing his debut in filmmaking, which he is producing under the banner of Pauly Jr Pictures. The film was postponed for a couple of times and finally it released this year. How about digging deep into the film to get the crux of the film as under:


Meet the Sub Inspector called Biju Paulose played by Pauly, who is a committed police officer. He is committed to solve all the cases he get in his jurisdiction with the help of using different tactics. The movie all about his journey via several cases SI Biju that he is seen has to go through, and so, it chronicles over the routine life of this committed police officer.


The director has left no stone unturned to make his protagonist stand very much firm over the real soil, shorn of the heroic adornments. The story that he shares in the film is simply rooted over the actual world, which we are simply the part of, and the contemporariness is very much perceptible that goes unobserved. This is called as a heart over the sleeve assertion over the social scenario over the state and it rebuild with much of the victory over a cross section of the social substrate, which is simply sliced straight over the off an up and coming metro city landscape.

The film simply belong to the lead actor Nivin Pauly who is seen carrying out his job with utter perfection and dexterity, which is a blend of charm, hardiness and charisma over the depiction of the firebrand cop. He is certainly a treat to watch in the film and allow the terrific poise simply slip away. Now talking about Anul Emmanuel, she simply appears stunning, while Joju George, Rony Davis, Prajod Kalabhavan and Saiju Kurup appeared sensible over their key roles. Some of the supporting roles in the film have been exceptional thanks to the talented actors roped in for these roles and the wits of the filmmaker.

Direction, Music, Screenplay and Technical Elements

As far as the direction is concerned, it went smooth, though most of the time it was seen getting focused over just one character – Nivin Pauly, however, the others in the supporting role got little attention. Yet they managed to do things better, saving the ship to sink down in the depth. The other elements like Music, screenplay, editing and other technical aspects too remained okay which help in making the film better over the screen. The frames simply remain sensible in the entire film, while cinematography by AJ Pulickal though seemed gimmick but remained hair raising ploys. Editing is certainly at the top, while the musical scores seem too appealing and seen ins striking contast over the peppy background score by Rajesh Murugesan.

Action Hero Biju Film Last Word

Action Hero Biju can be called as an unconventional film though but it is seen to have its heart at the right place. This could be following a style, which we are not often familiar in south Indian films. This has added an edge to the film with decent performance and unconventional story, the film certainly deserves a better rating though.

Rating – 3.5

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