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Abhinav Kapoor and Kanwar Dhillon turns to be pranksters on the sets!

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Actor Abhinav Kapoor who plays the role of balwan and Kunwar Dhillon who plays shiv (the male protagonist) in Shoonya Square Productions, “Ek Aastha Aisi Bhi” dares to create mess on the outdoor shoots. The actor turns to be pranksters and make the shoots more entertaining.

Recently shooting outdoor the guys rumours to spot 3 leopards close to the set. Believing them the other member started running around. However later they realised the prank.

Abhinav Kapoor shares, “I and kunwar are bestie on the sets. We bond like brothers. We like scaring people either jumping in someone’s room and taking out noice like ghost. Or in between of shoots we make other feels as if their is dog next to them. Especially the girls as they get scare easily. We add fun to our shoots hence loved by all. Recently we did outdoor shoot and we went on lieing their are 3 leopards nearby and people trusted us and it was totally a mess and later they realised it was just prank”

The show also stars Tina Ann Philip in lead roles and airs on starplus.

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