Abby Roberge talks about life on tour as a comedian

Abby Roberge

Comedy is one of the most difficult things. To make a joke is something which should sound funny to not just one but everyone. Abby Roberge who was originally named Abbyram Roberge is one such popular comedian who has been making everyone laugh with his comedy. Based out of Los Angeles, he tours the country with his comedy. He was raised in the mountains of British Columbia and later moved to the city for his high school. His comedy is often based on his observations of society. Abby has played a guest appearance on Modern Family and has also starred on NBC and Buzzfeed. His insane stand-up comedy has been viewed more than 100 million times.

Moreover, he is very often seen on the videos of Laugh Factory which has more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.5 million followers on Instagram. Besides this, he has opened ‘Just For Laughs Northwest’ several times for Bill Burr and has toured with many big names from the comedy world. His work has made him travel across entire North America. Since the time he moved to a big city for his high school, he was forced to get accustomed with the normal society and being an outsider he got used to it and developed a funny skill which made him what he is today.

Abby makes a regular appearance at the ‘Great Laugh Factory’ and is a seasoned veteran at ‘The Comedy Store’. Popularly known for his digs on Scientology, he tickles everyone’s funny bone like no other and is a pro when it comes to making people laugh.

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